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SECONDS Andrew the Party Pup Enamel Lapel Pin

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  • These pins have minor to major flaws. 
  • Most flaws are not noticeable, however some seconds have more 'major' flaws.
  • Flaws include, but are not limited to, missing enamel, wrong color, bubbles in enamel, scratches in plating, 'dirty' glitter, etc.
  • Malz Palz will not send you an unwearable pin. All seconds pins are second grade, but not unsellable.
  • Seconds sale is FINAL SALE
  • Pin of Andrew the senior rescue party pup!
  • Support his rescue Animal Haven
  • Collect him and friends Malygos, Wally, Edgar, Brock, and Chai!
  • Imported Hard Enamel
  • Measures ~ .1.5" at longest
  • Pin comes as is in a plastic bag
  • Pins are mailed out within 1-2 days of received payment and shipped in a bubble mailer.
  • Designed with ruv in NY